Experience Transformational Breathing

Transformational Breathing is a technique developed by Dr Judith Kravitz in the USA, that teaches a form of connected breathing using the whole of the respiratory system.

Studies show that as many as 90% of people have restricted breathing patterns and that this can be linked among other things to physical health problems, emotional difficulties, and lack of energy or motivation. A trained Transformational Breath Facilitator can help you to identify your own particular breath pattern and to gently open up blocked areas, oxygenating every cell in your body.

Your Transformational Breath Facilitator will show you how to use the whole of your respiratory system and breathe more fully. She may place hands on areas where your breathing is blocked and apply gentle pressure. Affirmations are also used to help to release these blocks, and a sound technique called toning to help to move the energy.

Once the breathing pattern gets established it usually becomes effortless and you may experience sensations of tingling in your body, or feelings of warmth or cold as the energy begins to flow.

Each session is a unique self-healing journey and no two sessions are ever the same. It is usual however for people to report awareness of a new openness in their breathing: feeling relaxed, energised and having a greater sense of peace.

Because Transformational Breathing teaches people how to take control of their own breath, most people have only a few sessions (usually between 4 and 10) with a facilitator before feeling ready to continue on their own.

Transformational Breathing can be a life-long journey of discovery, and a short daily practice plus a commitment to ongoing weekly self-guided sessions is recommended.

How can I experience Transformational Breathing?

Individual sessions

Suitable for everyone, a private session with a Facilitator includes a breath analysis, giving information on where your breathing has been blocked and how you can change it and a full breath session lasting an hour. Appointments last between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Contact us

One day workshops

Include information about Transformational Breathing, the opportunity for an individual breathing analysis and at least one full breath session. Open to all.

Personal Development Training

A 7- day programme developed by the Transformational Breath Foundation to enable people to explore their own potential through the power of their breath, this programme includes 2 breath sessions per day plus information on a variety of other techniques that support the breath, including the use of sound and The Work of Byron Katie. Suitable for beginners or those with prior Transformational Breath experience, this enables people to go deeper in a supportive environment. Offered either as a series of weekends or as a week long seminar.

Professional Certification Programme

For people who wish to train to become Transformational Breath Facilitators and share this technique with others. This is a 10 day programme, usually offered in 2 blocks of 5 days and run by Judith Kravitz herself at different locations in Europe and around the world. Teaches about sharing the work, using the techniques of Transformational Breathing and also continuing your own individual breath journey. Open to people who have already completed the Personal Development Training.

Introductory talks

Look out for events, or why not invite your local facilitator to talk to a group you belong to? People in all walks of life can benefit from learning about their breath and talks can be tailored to the specific interests of any group. Contact us