Important advice for asthmatics during the Coronavirus outbreak

Important advice for asthmatics during the Coronavirus outbreak

How can you look after your asthma and avoid catching the Coronavuirus?

Coronavirus, or COVID-19 at the centre of this pandemic is a virus that affects the respiratory system, meaning asthmatics and those with other respiratory conditions are within a high-risk group as it can have a more serious effect on these patients with other underlying health conditions.

While there is little information on the effect of the coronavirus on those who suffer from asthma, it is important that these patients take extra care in order to avoid triggering any problems.

Millions of people around the world suffer from some degree of asthma whether severe resulting in regular asthma attacks or mild symptoms that generally don’t have an effect on them in daily life, asthmatics are considered a high-risk group in the coronavirus pandemic due to the nature of the disease and its effect on the respiratory system.

This means special steps have to be taken in order to protect yourself from catching the virus and also to avoid any effect it may have on asthma.

How can you protect yourself from the Coronavirus?

Of course following government and healthcare professionals advice and clear guidelines is the most important thing to do, whether you have asthma or not because this will prevent you from catching and spreading the disease which is the most important thing, to begin with.

Washing your hands

It is vital that you wash your hand regularly with soap or a hand sanitiser gel, this is because the virus can be spread through touching infected surfaces.

The virus can enter the body by touching your eyes, nose or mouth making it vital that you wash your hands every time you cough, sneeze, touch a new surface or enter and exit your house.

If it is necessary that you leave your home, make sure you carry a hand sanitiser with you so that you can continue to regularly clean your hands.

A hand sanitiser with at least 70% alcohol content in it is most effective in killing the virus.

Social Distancing

While there is still lots to be found out about the virus and how it is spread, it is clear that it can be passed through people, when they cough and sneeze or touch each other. This means that we all have to engage in social distancing measures to avoid contact with other people outside of our homes.

You must make sure that if you come into close contact with people other than the people you live with, you stay at least 2 meters away from them in order to avoid the spread of the disease which is sometimes asymptomatic, meaning they may not know that they have the virus.

Additional precautions for asthmatics

If you suffer from asthma and take any kind of medication to treat it, it is important that you consult your GP or nurse to see if you will need any medication delivered to you so you can avoid having to leave the house.

This also means that your doctor can make a not that you are a high-risk patient and can check up on you while the outbreak is still growing, to make sure you are ok and can assist you should you need any help or advice.

It is also important that you look after your inhaler due to the shortages caused by the pandemic, this means making the most of what you have, not stockpiling them and only using them when necessary.

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