About Asthma

The purpose of this web site is to collate up to date news and information on asthma in the UK. There is much information on asthma on the world wide web, but it is not always easily found, particularly with regard to contemporary news items. This web site hopes to fill a gap in asthma information from a UK perspective.

You will find news stories on topics including allergens and triggers, childhood asthma, complementary therapies, diet, genes, drugs and inhalers, obesity, occupational asthma, and pollution. In addition, there are currently online news stories on allergy topics including nut and other food allergies, skin allergies, hay fever, household hygiene, pets, and allergy prevalence.

In addition to conventional drug treatments for asthma, complementary therapies are also available, and Asthma News in the UK will provide news on research and developments in this important area.

Asthma statistics show that asthma is a very large and growing problem for modern society. It is hoped that Asthma News in the UK  will provide an information resource that helps individuals with asthma or other breathing related disorders with their condition.