Asthma: Life without fear

Imbalance to your nervous system, that regulates lung function, can cause asthma.

Your spine is your life-line. Your spine is the protective housing around the spinal cord carrying life’s messages from the brain to the body.

The nervous system is also known as the “Master System” because it controls everything inside the body.

Therefore, one can understand how interference to the nervous system and interference to the messages passing from the brain to the body will cause lowered function and ultimately sickness and suffering.

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If the nerves of the lower back are affected, this may cause sciatica, pins, and needles in the legs and feet, and even cause lowered bowel function.

And so, nerves in the upper spine may cause headaches, sinus problems, blood pressure disturbances as well as dysfunctional breathing.

From  2019 release of the peer-reviewed scientific journal, the
“Journal of Vertebral ” (JVSR), comes to a very large literature review study showing the multiple benefits of spinal health care for people who are not suffering from pain or other obvious problems.

This literature reviewed looked at more than twenty studies involving
subjects who were specifically described as “asymptomatic”, “healthy”, “normal”, or “free from physical injury”. In addition, an equal number of studies were found also documenting objectively measured health benefits
in subjects who had no symptomatic presentation, (asymptomatic).


It is possible for asthma sufferers to live without fear and get on with their lives.

The results of this large review showed measurable objective improvements in things such as range of motion, blood pressure, heart rate, plasma catecholamine levels, immune responses, enhanced respiratory burst, pupil reactions, slower heart rate, improved pulmonary function, as well as many other objectively measured indications of improved body physiology.

Because spinal specialists focus on improving your health through a healthy spine and nervous system, a check-up for any asthma sufferer
maybe one of the most important health checks they may ever have.

Remember, always look to correcting the cause rather than just patching up and treating the symptom.

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